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Perdido Bay

Perdido Bay by Xynn TiSome Rights Reserved.
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Author’s Description

This is the backyard of Sunset Grille, a restaurant in LA. You know, Lower Alabama. Well, Perdido Key to be exact. They have this ridiculous view overlooking Perdido Bay.

Surprisingly, I came across an image on Urban Spoon that documented this vistas and was immediately hooked! A visitor of the restaurant had snapped some shots while stuffing their face with the ‘catch of the day’. I wanted to indulge in that same experience in person.

I traveled 30 minutes west to this restaurant during sunset. The restaurant is connected to a boardwalk where the public can enjoy this view but not have to eat at the restaurant. I happened to be one of those persons. To arrive on a particular sunset like this was nothing short of good timing!

There were tons of people with me on the boardwalk! I met a couple other creatives who were capturing images and playing around with different angles. This little island is so intriguing. For some reason I imagined swimming over there and discovering new plant species and fossils.

Company Introduction

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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

This informational piece (which includes several images and more) is about knowing your rights, and how to interact with the Police.  If you do have a Police encounter knowing these basic rules will work in your favor and will ensure the safety of both you and any Police Officer(s) you come into contact with.

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

This information is not intended as legal advice.

The images above are courtesy of the ACLU Article –
Know Your Rights: What To Do If You’re Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI

“We rely on the police to keep us safe and treat us all fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. This card provides tips for interacting with police and understanding your rights.” – ACLU
You can read the entire article, as well as download a printable version by clicking here.