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We don’t waver

Alpha Bonding Mission

From Our Mission Statement

…So our mission is quite simple. We offer caring support for both the defendant and their loved ones. Whether you just need someone to vent your frustrations to, professional help, or need financial assistance with your bond. Alpha Bonding is here to serve our community in an effort to help people improve their lives.

The bottom line is quite simple:

We Want All Of Our Clients To Become Productive Members Of Their Community.

Veterans Monument Courthouse Square

Veterans Monument Bay Minette AL

This monument found at the Bay Minette Courthouse Square reads:

“Dedicated To The Glory Of God And In Honor Of The Veterans Of All Wars.”

“Sponsored By The American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans.”

As it is with most things in our busy day to day lives I am sure many walk past this monument daily without taking a moment to reflect on it’s significance.  I have been guilty of this myself, but with life comes hope and a simple vow to myself that I will never walk past this small torch again without taking a least a few seconds to acknowledge its larger than life message.